Why Travel with a Natural Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers are available everywhere, cheap and easy, so why use a natural option?

Several reasons: While we need quick sanitizing solutions, especially when traveling these days, evidence is showing that regular anti-bacterial sanitizer gels are not good for you. This is why:

  1. The  anti-bacterial ingredients can stop beneficial bacteria from protecting you. They are allowing harmful bacteria to grow into super bugs instead.
  2. The chemicals used in sanitizers can increase the skin’s absorption of some harmful components, BPAs being one of them.
  3. The chemicals used are not friendly to your skin and can create allergic reactions.
  4. The ingredients used are not friendly to the environment and can stay in our bodies, water systems and soils for a long time.

We encourage you to choose all natural sanitizers to ensure you travel healthy and stay healthy.

Here’s some reasons why we choose Traveler’s Spray:

Facts about Traveler's Spray

Facts about Traveler’s Spray

  • Great for hands, surfaces, cars, bathrooms, beds, luggage, and anywhere else germs and odors may be.
  • Skin, kid, pet and earth friendly.
  • Proven to kill 99.96% of surface and air-borne bacteria.
  • Wonderful smelling with cinnamon, clove, orange & more.
  • Easy to carry with you and easy to use as a spray without touching areas first.
Visiting Ugandan kids

Visiting kids in Kiganda, Uganda

Recently we did some traveling in Uganda. While this was an amazing, heart warming experience, I was thankful many times over for having Traveler’s Spray with me.

We westerners can live with a little bigger bubble around ourselves then in other parts of the world. Especially country living folks like me, who are not used to crowds of people touching me constantly.

In Uganda, we handed out suckers to the kids in some slum areas as a way of connecting and sharing with them. It was a great experience and we learned a lot about life there. These people live close to the earth, animals and each other, with no running water or plumbing. They have a great sense of community and connectedness but not much sanitation like we Westerners are obsessed with. Sickness, garbage and lack were evident everywhere.

So when we would hop back in the car, everyone would ask for the Traveler’s spray and wipe their hands. I always want to bring Traveler’s spray with me traveling. I used it in lots of other ways and places too; on my pillow, wrinkly clothes, suitcase, shoes and as deodorant when I forgot it.

Bonus Uses:                                                                                            

Athletic wear: Odor can stay in athletic clothes even after they are washed. The essential oils in the Traveler’s Spray kill bacteria which can help to neutralize the odor of sweaty gear.          

Stinky Shoes:  Liberally spray the insides of shoes with the Traveler’s Spray for added foot health, protection and odor control!                                          

Wrinkly clothes: While you are traveling or just on the go, you can use the Traveler’s spray to help get the wrinkles and static cling out of clothes: just mist lightly over clothes and smooth down!                    

Bed Bugs: Spray pillows and sheets in hotel rooms just in case!    

Mold: This essential oil blend helps kill molds naturally.

Deodorant: A great way to beat smells without clogging your pores from aluminum anti-breathing antiperspirants                                           

Car air freshener: we keep one in the car to spray in the air or on ourselves to freshen up when needed.

Bathroom freshener: Clear the air as needed. Also can be used as a counter and germ cleaner.

If you are traveling soon or use sanitizers often, consider a healthy option. Choose Traveler’s Spray here.


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