What to Pack For Traveling To The Tropics

girls on logWhat to Pack For The Tropics

Our girls went to the Philippines recently. They had to pack light for the tropics. For Asian air travel between islands, their packs could only be 22 pounds.

They were going some places they would need to backpack. And they had some adventures planned; like hiking, camping, scuba diving, snorkeling and general exploring as well as going to Church gatherings. They needed to cover a few different bases as efficiently as possible.

So when they got home, I asked them what they packed that had worked, (primarily focused on first aid items), what didn’t and what they wished they had brought. Here’s the breakdown for any of you going on a backpack trip to the tropics soon.

The first 5 were sponsored by T’s Tonics, of course, but they said they were all greatly needed and used.

What worked (for them) in the Tropics:

Natural Sun Block, waterproof, lots needed

Sun Soother Spray– they used it all and wished they had more

Traveler’s Spray– disinfectant

Skeeter Beater– bug repellent

Lip balm


Peppermint oil and ibuprofen for pain, headaches, digestion

Nausea medicine – 1 girl got sick and used it all, they needed more

Melatonin vitamins for the long flights and sleeping

Dramamine for rough boat rides

Vitamin A and E for sunburns

Electrolytes- they used Emergen-C and loved having this when they got dehydrated

Liquid soap (= laundry detergent)

Travel packs of tissue (= toilet paper)

Sarong- (= towel, cover up, beach blanket etc)

Travel Bible

ear buds

Zip lock bags

Granola bars and jerky- wanted more of these too

Comfortable, all purpose sandals/flip flops; they wore their Teva sandals everywhere

Snorkel, mask and fins

Things they wished they had brought:

Tropical ear solution (easy recipe below)

Dry shampoo


More immune boosters

More quick proteins

Their Advice:

Get small change in the airport – most places couldn’t make change for bigger bills

Buy and drink lots of water –it is easy to get dehydrated

Wear a swim shirt when snorkeling

No need for an electrical adaptor there

Bring more Sun Soother!

Ask around and know prices before buyinggirls scuba diving

Tropical Ear Drop Recipe:

1/3 part hydrogen peroxide (kills bacteria)

1/3 part white vinegar (balances pH)

1/3 part rubbing alcohol (dries water)

To this mixture add vegetable glycerin to make 5% of solution (emollient).


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