7 Reasons to Adventure Naturally

We challenge you to adventure naturally this year!

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Adventure naturally

Here are 7 more reasons to use natural products when going adventuring this summer because we believe nature works better for us on so many levels.

We challenge you to trust that natural ingredients will perform better for you than the chemical choices out there. Here’s why:

  1. Chemicals put on our skin or taken internally can’t be used or easily expelled from the body so our bodies have to store them in fat cells. No biggie in small doses, our body is good at this, but the build up over time is what bogs our systems down, compromises our health, gives free radicals the advantage (damaged cells), adds hard to get rid of weight, creates allergies, etc.
  2. We find people every day who want to believe in using natural products but when push comes to shove they slip into using what their parents used or going with the leading, cheapest visible brand.
  3. Choosing natural requires mindfullness. It requires consciously choosing what is best for you. It requires turning off your auto-pilot long enough to be open to and create new, healthier patterns. (It may require going somewhere different than your normal grocery store to find what’s best for you.)
  4. The products you use don’t only effect you, they also rub off on anyone who comes within breathing room of and/or hugs you. They effect your pets, your kids, your environment. ie.: Some of our ocean’s coral reef is dying off from the sunscreens left behind in the water. = you are impacting more than just your own self with everything you do.
Now for the good part:
nature works

nature works

Nature works!

It [arnica] actually works, I use it all the time!”     – Dr Oz

5. Nature tastes better, smells better, feels better, engages all the senses better. (my opinion) We aren’t left with a synthetic or chemical remnant.

6. Nature works harder for us. It not only performs on the surface but goes in deep to repair and help us be healthy on the cellular level too.

7. Choosing natural products, foods, and ingredients, tells the world what is important to us, and helps us value ourselves more = high integrity.

Choose to adventure naturally this summer! 

Learn more about natural choices and find our natural outdoor skin protectors Here.received_461876060637509

“I spray the Arnica on my neck everyday. It keeps me moving and functioning without too much pain from my injury.” – Bernie S., Newport, OR 

“I use the Sun & Skin Soother on my face and body everyday, it keeps my skin feeling great and seems to hold my tan longer.”- Tena F., Colorado

“It gave relief soon after I sprayed it on my knee injury.” – Steve H., Idaho (Bump & Bruise Spray)




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