What is arnica?  Arnica is a high mountain meadow plant well known and documented in Germany and many parts of the world for its quick healing abilities.  (the German nickname for it means “stand up and walk home.”)Arnica Flower Pic

It’s bright yellow flowers are used in external applications for muscle pain and inflammation. It can help ease acute discomfort in back, shoulders, neck, leg cramps, and injury pain.

It is being used in the United States now by plastic surgeons to prevent bruising and inflammation pre and post-surgery.  In fact, more and more doctors are using and recommending arnica as “the one best course of action to take in the early stages of all cases of physical trauma.” – as stated by Dr. Larry Malerba, D.O.

The active compound in it is helenalin which helps constrict blood vessels and decreases inflammation and bruising from blunt injuries.

“I have personally witnessed remarkable results in my own medical practice with bruises and hematomas resolving in short order, much more quickly than would be expected if left untreated.” –Dr. Larry Malerba, D.O.

It is becoming more known as personality figures are getting the word out about how quickly it works.

Dr Oz. of the Oz Show said about arnica: “One of the smartest things to have in your cupboard.”

Arnica is also making a big appearance in the sports world. Athletes are taking it internally (only in homeopathic form) and applying it externally to injuries, pulled ligaments, overworked or strained muscles, and helping with pain.

ridgeview water polo girls team

fish lips from the polo team girls

“This herb is the most powerful, quick working medicine I know for inflammations, bumps, bruises, and injury pain.  It is an essential in our family with kids active in sports!” –Carolee Prescott, massage therapist, OR

It is also good for sprains and sore muscles, and reported to help with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  It helps relieve the pressure, pain and swelling of injuries on location. The earlier after injury that it can be applied the better.  Think of it as your ice pack.  It is recommended that it not be used internally, or on open wounds or broken skin.

It is available in the form of ointment, tincture, or homeopathically in your local grocery health section.

Here at T’s Tonics, we offer potent wild-harvested arnica from the mountains of Oregon and Idaho. Our arnica Bump & Bruise Spray has been tested as “the most potent form of arnica ever tested.” (in Salem). It is infused in pure grain alcohol for over 3 months and carefully combined with therapeutic peppermint oil which acts as a “driver oil” working synergistically with the arnica to go deep and stop swelling at the cellular level. We lovingly deliver this to you in a spray tincture form, making it easy to apply without touching sensitive areas as well as quick to soak in and work where it’s needed.arnica-spray-new

*This information is for educational purposes only and not to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases. 

T’s Tonics Arnica testamonials

“My wife sprayed it on my back which has been in pain and almost instantly it gave relief.  2 hours of no pain.  It was like a miracle.” –Antonio T.

“My arms and hands were going to sleep on me at night.  After I sprayed it on the back of my neck, I slept through the night without any numbness.” – Charity K.

“My fingers give me fits sometimes because of overworking and arthritis.  The arnica spray is very helpful at reducing swelling and discomfort.” If I use it after working hard, I will not wake up the next day as sore as I am without using it.” – Dennis H.

“It gave relief soon after spraying it on my knee injury.” –Steve H.

“I use the arnica spray on my inflamed skin dermatitis.  T’s Tonics is more potent and works better than other arnicas I have used.” –Marjorie O

Arnica is fresh picked and infused for many months following organic and wise women standards by T’s Tonics  in Powell Butte, OR. Potency guaranteed.


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