A Tea That Can Help the Memory?

      Herbs for the Brain

What they are and how they work:

Jasmine Green Tea-Rich in polyphenols which are powerful anti-oxidants that strengthen immune systems and rejuvenates our bodies. They are shown to inhibit and help kill cancer cells! Also helpful in fighting infection. Supports the cardiovascular system and helps lower cholesterol. Other positives are increased metabolism, energy, and help with rheumatoid arthritis.

Peppermint leaf is also a powerful anti-oxidant and combined with the green tea works overtime to support the heart, digestive and nervous systems. It is also good for strengthening the immune system and is good for the skin. Stimulating to the brain yet calming to the emotions enables this herb to help with concentration and focus.

Lemon Peel -has many positive benefits that work dynamically in combination with green tea and peppermint. It is wonderful for digestion and metabolism. It balances the pH and increases energy, circulation and mood levels. It is rich in vitamin C which supports the immune system.

Ginkgo leaf – antioxidant, stimulates circulatory system, reduces inflammation, improves memory and brain function, anti-aging benefits. High in iron, calcium and vitamin C.

Sage leaf– antibiotic, antioxidant, immune building, helps memory retention and concentration, drying to mucus membranes, dries milk in nursing moms, helps balance hormones for menopause, decreases inflammation, good for skin and bones, eczema, acne.

Rosemary leaf– sister herb to sage with similar benefits: helpful to digestion, brain stimulation, immune system, and healthy hair growth. Together, they are shown to equal the benefits of some Alzheimer medications.

Gota kola– Known as the herb of “enlightenment”, gota kola has many benefits including increased cognitive abilities, circulation, oxygenation, treats gastric ulcers, helps regulate blood pressure, decrease anxiety, stress, and mental fatigue, increases libido, a mild diuretic, it can help pass toxins out of the body, helps wrinkles and aging of the skin.

Infused with therapeutic essential oils of peppermint & sage.

Thinker’s Tea

Bonus: This tea also makes a great hair rinse for darkening graying hair and increasing shine!

Recipe: Herbed Chicken

Combine 2 Tbsp Thinkers Tea with 1 tsp sea salt and ¼ tsp black pepper and 1 Tbsp olive oil. Use as a rub on 2-4 chicken breasts and grill until done. Enjoy!

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” Prov. 1;7Thinker's Tea

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