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9 Herbs to Cleanse and Renew You

T’s Tonics Renewal Green Tea

cleanse and renew

Cleanse, Recharge & Energize your system naturally with this pleasing green tea blend of All Organic herbs. A robust green tea, with the pleasing zing of ginger and juniper.

Here’s 9 herbs and how they Cleanse and Renew your whole being. They work together synergistically to strengthen each part of your system:

Jasmine Green tea has powerful anti-oxidants and tannins shown to strengthen our immune systems, increase metabolism and energy and help fight bacteria.

Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) can help the body cleanse, recharge and respond better to stress. Good for both male and female hormones. Used to treat many conditions including fatigue, insomnia, lethargy, memory, endurance, and immune system.

Pau D’ Arco Cleanses the whole system. It is high in calcium, is a blood purifier and antifungal, and is also helpful in fighting yeast infections and skin problems.

Red clover is high in minerals and cleanses as an excellent blood purifier.

Ginger has been used for digestive disorders, motion sickness, fever and coughing and helps lower cholesterol.

Nettle cleanses the blood and then rebuilds it. It is high in vitamin C and minerals. It also strengthens liver and kidney function. Helpful for allergies.

Olive Leaf cleanses as a natural antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal shown to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, help respiratory response and heart and skin health.

Chickweed is high in vitamin C and helps dissolve fat and mucous in the body. Good for skin problems.

Juniper berries act as a diuretic and disinfectant. They strengthen the adrenal glands, blood and kidneys. Good for diabetes. Helps build defense against allergies.

It’s a great way to put a spring in your step and zip in your day! Order Renewal Green Tea Here. Your body with thank you.

Statements are for educational purpose only. Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure and diseases. Created by T’s Tonics.

9 Herbs to Help Repair the Skin


9 Helpful Herbs for the Skin

These 9 herbs work together to repair skin on the surface and the cellular level. All of them are helpful individually, but together they are powerful in helping to balance the skin. Good for both dry and oily skin conditions. They work on rashes, sun damage, irritation and inflammation alike. They may help prevent future damage such as cancer also.

  1. Calendula herb*, used on wounds and skin rashes, this herb soothes irritations, reduces inflammation and helps rejuvenate the skin.
  2. Chaparral*, has powerful anti-bacterial, anti-cancerous and anti-viral properties, helpful in clearing skin issues and blemishes.
  3. Sea buckthorn leaves*, according to the WebMD, sea buckthorn is used on the skin for preventing sunburn; treating radiation damage, for acnedermatitisdry skineczema, skin ulcers, and skin color changes.
  4. Plantain herb*, helps relieve pain and inflammation of rashes and other skin issues
  5. Mullein leaves*, high in minerals, it helps reduce swelling and spasms
  6. St Johns wort*, used externally for nerve injuries and spasms, has pain-reducing properties.
  7. Shavegrass herb*, high in the mineral, silica, which helps build collagen and gives elasticity and suppleness to the skin.
  8. Marshmallow Root*, used for skin inflammation, burns, and dry, irritated skin as well as mucus membranes.
  9. Slippery Elm*, externally used as a contact healer that relaxes and helps heal inflamed tissues

The first 7 of these we harvest ourselves in the Pacific Northwest ensuring freshness and the optimal quality as well as true organic sustainability. We combine these herbs together in a blend of 6 skin loving oils, organic aloe vera and 4 therapeutic essential oils to create a truly lovely blend for the face and body.

It can be found in our Sun Beater, which I have taken the liberty to introduce below:


sun beaterSun Beater!

More than your full protector against the sun; Sun Beater works to heal and soothe your skin while you wear it!

  • All natural, full spectrum SPF 30+ Sunscreen
  • Kid and environment friendly
  • Repairs and soothes skin as it works
  • Sweat and water resistant, yet breathable
  • Good for sensitive skin and skin issues
  • Rubs in clear
  • Reapply after water and/or every 2 hours

“I am truly in love with this blend, it feels so great on the face! I am thrilled to finally offer it.” -Teresa S., Owner

A Full spectrum SPF 30 in a healing blend of oils for daily use. Rubs in clear, leaving skin feeling nourished & balanced. Sweat resistant yet breathable for the active outdoors. Long infusion of 9 skin rejuvenating herbs and 11 oils, help repair as you wear!

Active ingredient: Non-nano zinc oxide 16%, natural titanium dioxide 3% Other ingredients: Pure aloe vera*, shea nut oil* grapeseed oil, safflower oil*, coconut oil*, avocado oil, Proprietary infusion of all organic herbs: calendula*, chapparral*, sea buckthorn*, plantain*, marshmallow root*, mullein*, St Johns Wort*, shavegrass*, slippery elm*, vit.E oil*, essential oils of lemongrass*, lavender*, myrrh* & bay*.                                                                 *Organic


“This is the only sunscreen I have found that doesn’t make my face rash up.” – Barbara A., Oregon

What to Pack For Traveling To The Tropics

girls on logWhat to Pack For The Tropics

Our girls went to the Philippines recently. They had to pack light for the tropics. For Asian air travel between islands, their packs could only be 22 pounds.

They were going some places they would need to backpack. And they had some adventures planned; like hiking, camping, scuba diving, snorkeling and general exploring as well as going to Church gatherings. They needed to cover a few different bases as efficiently as possible.

So when they got home, I asked them what they packed that had worked, (primarily focused on first aid items), what didn’t and what they wished they had brought. Here’s the breakdown for any of you going on a backpack trip to the tropics soon.

The first 5 were sponsored by T’s Tonics, of course, but they said they were all greatly needed and used.

What worked (for them) in the Tropics:

Natural Sun Block, waterproof, lots needed

Sun Soother Spray– they used it all and wished they had more

Traveler’s Spray– disinfectant

Skeeter Beater– bug repellent

Lip balm


Peppermint oil and ibuprofen for pain, headaches, digestion

Nausea medicine – 1 girl got sick and used it all, they needed more

Melatonin vitamins for the long flights and sleeping

Dramamine for rough boat rides

Vitamin A and E for sunburns

Electrolytes- they used Emergen-C and loved having this when they got dehydrated

Liquid soap (= laundry detergent)

Travel packs of tissue (= toilet paper)

Sarong- (= towel, cover up, beach blanket etc)

Travel Bible

ear buds

Zip lock bags

Granola bars and jerky- wanted more of these too

Comfortable, all purpose sandals/flip flops; they wore their Teva sandals everywhere

Snorkel, mask and fins

Things they wished they had brought:

Tropical ear solution (easy recipe below)

Dry shampoo


More immune boosters

More quick proteins

Their Advice:

Get small change in the airport – most places couldn’t make change for bigger bills

Buy and drink lots of water –it is easy to get dehydrated

Wear a swim shirt when snorkeling

No need for an electrical adaptor there

Bring more Sun Soother!

Ask around and know prices before buyinggirls scuba diving

Tropical Ear Drop Recipe:

1/3 part hydrogen peroxide (kills bacteria)

1/3 part white vinegar (balances pH)

1/3 part rubbing alcohol (dries water)

To this mixture add vegetable glycerin to make 5% of solution (emollient).


Why Travel with a Natural Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers are available everywhere, cheap and easy, so why use a natural option?

Several reasons: While we need quick sanitizing solutions, especially when traveling these days, evidence is showing that regular anti-bacterial sanitizer gels are not good for you. This is why:

  1. The  anti-bacterial ingredients can stop beneficial bacteria from protecting you. They are allowing harmful bacteria to grow into super bugs instead.
  2. The chemicals used in sanitizers can increase the skin’s absorption of some harmful components, BPAs being one of them.
  3. The chemicals used are not friendly to your skin and can create allergic reactions.
  4. The ingredients used are not friendly to the environment and can stay in our bodies, water systems and soils for a long time.

We encourage you to choose all natural sanitizers to ensure you travel healthy and stay healthy.

Here’s some reasons why we choose Traveler’s Spray:

Facts about Traveler's Spray

Facts about Traveler’s Spray

  • Great for hands, surfaces, cars, bathrooms, beds, luggage, and anywhere else germs and odors may be.
  • Skin, kid, pet and earth friendly.
  • Proven to kill 99.96% of surface and air-borne bacteria.
  • Wonderful smelling with cinnamon, clove, orange & more.
  • Easy to carry with you and easy to use as a spray without touching areas first.
Visiting Ugandan kids

Visiting kids in Kiganda, Uganda

Recently we did some traveling in Uganda. While this was an amazing, heart warming experience, I was thankful many times over for having Traveler’s Spray with me.

We westerners can live with a little bigger bubble around ourselves then in other parts of the world. Especially country living folks like me, who are not used to crowds of people touching me constantly.

In Uganda, we handed out suckers to the kids in some slum areas as a way of connecting and sharing with them. It was a great experience and we learned a lot about life there. These people live close to the earth, animals and each other, with no running water or plumbing. They have a great sense of community and connectedness but not much sanitation like we Westerners are obsessed with. Sickness, garbage and lack were evident everywhere.

So when we would hop back in the car, everyone would ask for the Traveler’s spray and wipe their hands. I always want to bring Traveler’s spray with me traveling. I used it in lots of other ways and places too; on my pillow, wrinkly clothes, suitcase, shoes and as deodorant when I forgot it.

Bonus Uses:                                                                                            

Athletic wear: Odor can stay in athletic clothes even after they are washed. The essential oils in the Traveler’s Spray kill bacteria which can help to neutralize the odor of sweaty gear.          

Stinky Shoes:  Liberally spray the insides of shoes with the Traveler’s Spray for added foot health, protection and odor control!                                          

Wrinkly clothes: While you are traveling or just on the go, you can use the Traveler’s spray to help get the wrinkles and static cling out of clothes: just mist lightly over clothes and smooth down!                    

Bed Bugs: Spray pillows and sheets in hotel rooms just in case!    

Mold: This essential oil blend helps kill molds naturally.

Deodorant: A great way to beat smells without clogging your pores from aluminum anti-breathing antiperspirants                                           

Car air freshener: we keep one in the car to spray in the air or on ourselves to freshen up when needed.

Bathroom freshener: Clear the air as needed. Also can be used as a counter and germ cleaner.

If you are traveling soon or use sanitizers often, consider a healthy option. Choose Traveler’s Spray here.


Why are Teas so Popular Right Now?

6 Reasons Teas Are Popular Right Now:

Tea is flying off the shelves at an all time high lately. What is making teas so quick to sell when January and February are traditionally slow retail months?

Here are 6 reasons for tea’s rising popularity, just for starters:

  1. Baby, it’s cold out there!



In these cold winter months, wrapping your hands around a steaming mug of tea is more than comforting! Having a hot drink helps take the frosty edge off the hard work of the day. Tea is a great option to other hot drinks because it is low in calories, yet high in healthy benefits such as anti-oxidants, nutritionally dense herbs and natural stimulants/relaxants. It is easy to get, easy to make, and can be steeped again and again.

  1. Health, health, health

    Basket of Herbs

    lots of goodness

People are becoming educated on the many health benefits of tea. Beyond New Years resolutions to start the year out healthier, people are choosing to take personal charge of their health. Healthier food and drink options, in general, are in demand. Tea is one of the easiest, actionable ways to jumpstart and recharge health, because it is just adding a tasty drink into your routine. Drinking tea is an enjoyable way to lighten the load, energize the body systems, detoxify and cleanse, and increase the anti-oxidants and immune boosters to stay healthy through the winter.

  1. Variety

There are so many different kinds of tea and tea blends now available! Blacks, greens, whites, reds, herbals, chai, mates, concentrates, bubble teas and more. Stimulating blacks to start the day, greens and citruses to continue the day, and mellow herbals for relaxing in the evening, there is tea for every occasion, time and season, hot or cold. When you get bored of one variety, just switch it up.



They are also used in more and more specialty foods, cocktails and mixed drinks. Recipes

  1. Millennials

Consumer reports show that over 87% of millennials (those in their teens and twenties) are drinking tea. They are driving the market on specialty blends; preferring organics, loose leaf, green teas and variety.

In fact, consumer reports show that tea sales- specialty teas and loose leaf teas at the top- have increased over the last few years at a growth rate of 5-10 % each year, more than coffee, sodas or other consumables! (

  1. Price

When compared to other drinks, the value of tea far outshines, in both price per cup and nutritional quality per drink. Compare to sports drinks in energy and anti-oxidant levels. Compare to coffee beans and sodas. Compare to alcoholic drinks. Even organic, gourmet specialty teas are reasonable and sustainably priced per cup in comparison and many tea leaves can be steeped again and again!2016-02-17 12.06.47 (1)

  1. It’s just plain Good

Amazing flavor, health, variety, mixing ability, price, popularity (tea is the most consumed drink in the world after water), need I say more?

Simple Health Hacks for a Cold-Free Winter

Staying Healthy This Winter – Simple?

Winter has shown up in Central Oregon! Winter HealthSo much so, in fact, that I joked with my friend the other day that “it’s hard to tell Bend from Mt. Bachelor.”  It’s snowed so much in the past month that I’ve been forgetting what everything looked like without a colossal blanket of white over it. However, if you think that a little snow is stopping locals from getting outdoors, you’re wrong. The residents of Bend are as active as ever, because they’re getting creative. How? Just look outside –Bendites these days are getting their errands done by snowboarding and skiing around town!

While you may be one of these winter go-getters, playing in the snow does have its drawbacks if the correct measures aren’t taken first. During the cold weather season, bodies become more susceptible to catching bugs like the cold, the flu and pneumonia. In fact, as you expose yourself to cold weather, your air passages and skin dry out. This means that you become dehydrated faster which makes it all the easier for viruses to sneak in. Now, I know that I’m not the type of person that likes to spend hours mixing up cocktails of vitamins and supplements to find the perfect cold cure. So instead, I’ve found two quick, and ridiculously simple immune fixes that are easy to administer daily at your own home in under a minute.

This first winter health remedy is one that I’ve been loving for external protection –an incredibly handy organic balm by T’s Tonics. It’s called Grab Salve and it works on pretty much everything you want to grab it for.

Grab this salve for dry cracked skin and lips

Grab this salve for dry cracked skin and lips

Enthusiastically built for cuts and burns and infections, this salve has proved itself the perfect winter friendly pocket accessory for chapped lips, noses and hands as well. In fact, I’ve successfully used it in place of chapstick probably more times than I’d like to admit! It’s great for cracked heels too. It can be found in Bend at the Patagonia store.

My other favorite winter hack is easily green tea. Loaded with vitamins and nutrients, I’ve made it a point to drink at least one cup per day since fall began. green teaDid you know that one cup of green tea has up to 10% of your vitamin C for the day? To further the healing properties, I’ve been loving adding in a special Jamaican flower called hibiscus. In addition to boasting beautiful pink petals, this flower is wonderful for helping the body with its naturally high vitamin C and antioxidant content. Besides being warming to the soul, green tea with hibiscus is also the perfect way to give your immune system that vital boost! T’s tonics has made a deliciously health-conscious tea that includes both of these goodies, PLUS orange peel, lemon peel, rosehips and more boosters and you can find the link here: Citrus Hibiscus 

Citrus Hibiscus TeaIt’s easy to stay healthy for all the winter fun, all it really takes is a little know how and a couple quick tricks –like tea and a pocket-sized multi-use balm. If you have any stories or quick natural fixes that work for you, feel free to share them in the comments below. After all, exchanging experiences is what helps us grow and stay healthy for the stuff that matters –like skiing, sledding and snowball fights!

contributed by Isabella Moseley


A Tea That Can Help the Memory?

      Herbs for the Brain

What they are and how they work:

Jasmine Green Tea-Rich in polyphenols which are powerful anti-oxidants that strengthen immune systems and rejuvenates our bodies. They are shown to inhibit and help kill cancer cells! Also helpful in fighting infection. Supports the cardiovascular system and helps lower cholesterol. Other positives are increased metabolism, energy, and help with rheumatoid arthritis.

Peppermint leaf is also a powerful anti-oxidant and combined with the green tea works overtime to support the heart, digestive and nervous systems. It is also good for strengthening the immune system and is good for the skin. Stimulating to the brain yet calming to the emotions enables this herb to help with concentration and focus.

Lemon Peel -has many positive benefits that work dynamically in combination with green tea and peppermint. It is wonderful for digestion and metabolism. It balances the pH and increases energy, circulation and mood levels. It is rich in vitamin C which supports the immune system.

Ginkgo leaf – antioxidant, stimulates circulatory system, reduces inflammation, improves memory and brain function, anti-aging benefits. High in iron, calcium and vitamin C.

Sage leaf– antibiotic, antioxidant, immune building, helps memory retention and concentration, drying to mucus membranes, dries milk in nursing moms, helps balance hormones for menopause, decreases inflammation, good for skin and bones, eczema, acne.

Rosemary leaf– sister herb to sage with similar benefits: helpful to digestion, brain stimulation, immune system, and healthy hair growth. Together, they are shown to equal the benefits of some Alzheimer medications.

Gota kola– Known as the herb of “enlightenment”, gota kola has many benefits including increased cognitive abilities, circulation, oxygenation, treats gastric ulcers, helps regulate blood pressure, decrease anxiety, stress, and mental fatigue, increases libido, a mild diuretic, it can help pass toxins out of the body, helps wrinkles and aging of the skin.

Infused with therapeutic essential oils of peppermint & sage.

Thinker’s Tea

Bonus: This tea also makes a great hair rinse for darkening graying hair and increasing shine!

Recipe: Herbed Chicken

Combine 2 Tbsp Thinkers Tea with 1 tsp sea salt and ¼ tsp black pepper and 1 Tbsp olive oil. Use as a rub on 2-4 chicken breasts and grill until done. Enjoy!

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” Prov. 1;7Thinker's Tea

Why is Mountain Supply Loved by Bend?

Mountain Supply- the One Stop Shop for Local Outdoor Gear

“Being a family owned business ourselves, it’s cool to have the opportunity to support local products.”
-Mountain Supply staff member20160720_113653

It would be an understatement to say that Bend is all about family owned businesses, local products and the great outdoors. In fact, a perfect example of all of these is a shop I visited very recently, and immediately fell in love with. Located in the heart of Bend, Mountain Supply buzzes with tourists and locals alike. And the reason? It’s a wilderness explorers’ wet dream. Offering everything from local products and info to the best of outdoor gear and apparel, Mountain Supply is family owned and crawling with northwestern culture. From popular brands like Patagonia, Prana, Smartwool, and Outdoor Research, to local brands like Hydroflask and Picky Bars, it’s difficult to walk out without the gear you’re looking for. As a result, it has brought in adventurer enthusiasts from far and wide that are eager to check out this shop’s awesome aspects.

Hiking, biking, climbing, skiing.
You name it, Mountain Supply has the gear for it.

During my visit to Mountain Supply, I realized how deep their love for the community runs. And as I spoke with one of their friendly staff members, their product preference became clear. “It’s really great to see entrepreneurs in the community and be able to support that,” he said. “It’s cool to spread their products to people coming into the community; whether as tourists or locals.” And sure enough, stocked right on the front counter was a brightly organized selection of T’s Tonics. “Skeeter Beater is probably our most popular product with T’s Tonics,” He said, smiling, “However, I think the Sun Soother is the only one of its kind that we have. After sun care is pretty neat.”

Boasting over 35 years in business, it’s no surprise that Mountain Supply knows Bend so well. Their helpful staff is extremely knowledgeable and ready to take on any outdoorsy question. With such a local vibe, Mountain Supply is a must-see for anyone wanting to experience Bend in the raw!

Mountain Supply is located at 834 NW Colorado Ave in Bend, Oregon and is open seven days a week from 10-6 Monday-Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday.

Contributed by Izze Moseley


How to Live a Stress Less Life

Refresh, Relax, Revitalize: A Loving Reminder On How to Lead a Stress Less Life

Good stress

Good stress

It’s Monday again. Hello, stress. However, this Monday morning is quite a bit more special than you may realize. This Monday morning, you are alive –and I don’t mean this systematically. Your heart is beating, yes, but an entirely new day waits, and although Monday may not be the typical ideal for the best day of your life, this Monday morning is the most wonderful time to begin having it.

What makes you feel care free and stress free? Perhaps it’s traveling to places that make you feel rich both inside and out, or choosing to sleep past the alarm clock, or even just getting outdoors and playing in the sun. Freedom, I think, is not only about spending or saving money, doing well in the office or getting a good education. I think that the meaning of freedom – and happiness – could be found in a phrase as simple as, “hakuna matata” which in Swahili means, “no worries.” It’s no surprise that leading a stress-less life is one of the most sought after ways to live, but no one seems to know where to start. Well, what if I told you that you have the power to start living a healthier, less stressful life right now? Right on this Monday morning?

Although mainstream health magazines may tell you differently, living a healthy life is not only about eating the right things or even exercising all the time. Living a healthy life could be as simple as the time you take to do things that make you feel happy, the products you use on your skin, and the way you energize in the morning. Living a healthy life means choosing to live invigoratingly, wisely and most importantly, joyfully. That is why it is important to know the stressors in your life. Whether work, school, health or fashion, knowing thy enemy is the first step to defeating thy enemy. And to also know, or work on finding out, those ways to deal with the stress in healthy ways.

I believe in fun. I believe in mornings speHerbal Teant setting daily goals to a fresh breakfast and mug of hot, loose-leaf tea, afternoons in the garden and under the sun, and nights that refresh, relax and revitalize. And although these activities are all important to my happiness, I also believe in cutting the stressors out of my fun by taking healthy measures to keep my best days the best. This means beginning my day with tea that invigorates me (while uniquely lowering levels of cortisol- the stress hormone- and protecting against heart diseases and cancer.) This also means, for me, using all natural products to protect against the obstacles I encounter on my adventures, (such as sun, bugs and germs) that are organic, healthy and a lovely treat to my skin.

Invest in your future by living beautifully, adventuring daily, and empowering your happiness through making healthy preparations to begin the best day of your life, today. Know your stresses and so you can find loving ways to prevent and deal with them. It is never too late to choose happiness and a stress-less lifestyle.

Written for T’s Tonics by Izze Moseley

Balloons Over Bend is Family Fun

Balloons Over Bend

balloons over bend

Beautiful, breathtaking, it’s Balloons over Bend. Floating over the treetops in a happy array of bright colors, blotting out the morning sun just for a moment. I am a kid again, and jumping with joy as I point out each balloon, fancifully picturing myself inside them. I love the way their carts look, and the tiny waving people inside. Ever since I was little, Balloons over Bend has been a staple part of my summers. And each year, my excitement grows once again as I anticipate them rising from the trees to rival the morning sun.

Among the variety of other fun and funky family events Bend hosts, Balloons over Bend is one of my favorite. A picturesque attraction for tourists, businesses and Bendites alike, this lovable festival is so fun to go to with friends, co-workers or family. In fact, it’s even been called, “The biggest family festival in Central Oregon!” The launch began at 6am at Jewell Elementary School, but that’s not where the fun ended. After the balloon take-off, The RBC Wealth Management and Children’s Festival continued the celebrations in Riverbend Park! Face painting, bouncy houses, activities and other family fun began at 10am and lasted until 2pm. Although I have to admit that the balloons may always be my favorite, the events didn’t fail to entertain! From beautiful balloons to spirited social activities, Balloons over Bend really has taken its rightful place as one of Bends most cherished traditions.

One of the things I love about Bend is how much it does to contribute to society. Although Balloons over Bend festival was free and open to the public, wristbands were sold starting at $10 for admission to bouncy houses and other activities. But wait, here’s the awesome part! With each wristband purchase, Balloons over Bend made a donation to Saving Grace. It was such a fun event and I loved that both families and friends could come and enjoy themselves. It was very hot sunny however, so I made sure not to forget my
Sun Soother! It was the best thing to wake up to beautiful hot air balloons and then adventure over to Riverbend Park to continue the fun. What better way to spend a Sunday than with family, friends, great food and Balloons over Bend?

By Izze Moseley, guest blogger izze pic