Burdock Root uses

7 Healing Uses for Burdock Root

Burdock Root is quickly becoming one of my favorite herbs. We used it initially for skin problems and I saw it working equally well helping clear up our older teenagers’ pimples as it did on helping my younger daughter’s extremely dry skin (to the point of eczema and dry scalp problems.) I then was requested to put it in a kidney tonic for some therapists and noticed how good it seemed to work for pain. That led to more research on it’s inflammation reducing properies. The more I find out about it and use it, the more I like this root for multiple uses. Here are over 7 uses for this amazing herb:

Burdock Root is claimed to be one of (1) nature’s best blood cleansers and is helpful in not only ridding the body of dangerous toxins, but is a binder and expeller of heavy metals in the body. The root contains trace amounts of natural mercury, which makes it useful in mercury detoxification programs.

It is an excellent (2) liver and kidney cleanser as well as helpful for the whole glandular system. Because it increases the flow of urine and promotes sweating, it is used today as a (3) diuretic. It will help rid the body of excess water weight.

Burdock is also used in (4) reducing swelling and deposits in the joints. Therefore, it is commonly used to ease arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, and lumbago (backaches).

It is helpful for most (5) skin conditions and is a major treatment for eczema, psoriasis, and even canker sores. It is used externally and internally for skin solutions. Because of its (6) high mineral and calcium content, people have also found it helpful for hair and nail growth.

Some people have also found it helpful for (7+) fatigue, nervous disorders and soothing hemorrhoids.


How to take: Although it can be found in some external skin ointments the most common way to take this herb is internally in capsule form, available at your health food store (or buy bulk burdock powder and make your own). You can also find this root fresh in some stores, generally in the fall, (it grows wild in most parts of the country, and is an adaptagen and ammender of the soil) to prepare and add it to your own recipes. Here are a few ideas:


To Process: Chop the root fine in a food processor and add it into soups and stews. It has a strong, not very pleasant taste, but can be disguised in good sauces or vinegars. Any left over can be dried or placed chopped in a jar and covered with vinegar to keep for months in the refrigerator. It can also be added to tea or made into it’s own decoction. I generally like it better in combination with other herbs.

Recipe for Internal cleansing and Skin: (Made into capsules)

1 part Burdock root powder

1 part Pau D’ Arco powder

1 part Black Walnut powder

1 part Slippery Elm Bark

1 part Chaparral powder

Found in: At T’s Tonics, this herb can be found in our Pain in the Joint Tea, Pain Support Tonic, Burly Bone Tea and Kidney Tincture.



What’s your dream?

What’s your dream?

I just read an inspiring book worth sharing; it’s called the Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly.

It’s a quick read about corporate America but applies to everyone in the way that it states that everyone has dreams and it is our dreams that motivate us, more than money. Great leaders recognize this and encourage their people to work towards their dreams.

It’s a great time to dream. And it’s an important question when we are looking at renewing ourselves this month. Renewing our purpose and our goals and looking at what we want out of life, starts with our dreams.

Helping the people we have relationships with to pursue their dreams, brings out the best in all of us; our kids, spouses, relatives, friends, and co-workers.

So I want to challenge you to look at your dreams.

I have been writing down and creating plans to accomplish some of mine. A few of those that are happening this year are:

• A family scuba trip on Blackbeard’s dive boat in February now that all 3 kids have gotten certified. One of my dreams is to swim with dolphins. If that doesn’t happen, the sharks will have to do. We have dreamed of diving with all of the kids since they were born!

• I have also signed up to run a half marathon in May. Do I like running? Not really, so this is a stretch for me. One way to make things happen is to sign up and pay good money so you have to do them, right?

  • Help people be healthier and feel more alive this year! I have purposed to be consistant with educating through this blog, newsletter, classes, and more to weekly give tips and techniques for greater health.

What are your top 10 dreams?

Which one/s are you going to pursue and make a reality this year? I would love to hear from you and what yours are.

Flexibility & Strength Cordial Recipe

flexibility and strength

flexibility and strength

Flexibility & Strength Recipe

Flexibility and strength are 2 characteristics that take consistant work to gain and keep as we get older. And they are important building blocks to great health because they help keep movement flowing in our lives.

Here’s 11 of my favorite herbs for increasing strength, flexibility, stamina, circulation, cleansing the blood and recharging energy!

You can choose some or all of them for this recipe.

Infuse the herbs into a tea or follow the recipe below for a cordial/elixir. It is yummy and satisfying anytime of year but I like it particularly in winter and spring when I feel the need for extra help with flexibility and energy.

I have given the use and purpose of each herb to help you pick and choose as well as the parts to whole that you would use of each.


2 parts -Siberian ginseng can help the body respond better to stress. Good for both male and female hormones and is used to treat many conditions including fatigue, insomnia, lethargy, memory, endurance, and immune system.

2 parts- Pau D’ Arco is high in calcium, a blood purifier and antifungal, helpful in fighting yeast infections and skin problems.

2 parts- Red clover is high in minerals and is an excellent blood purifier.

3 parts- Nettle is a blood purifier high in vitamin C and minerals, strengthens liver and kidney function. Helpful for allergies.

3 parts- Olive Leaf is a natural antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal shown to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, help respiratory response and heart and skin health.

1 part- Chickweed is high in vitamin C and helps dissolve fat and mucous in the body. Good for skin problems.

¼ part- Juniper berries act as a diuretic and disinfectant, strengthen the adrenal glands, blood and kidneys. Good for diabetes.

1 part- Gingko Biloba is exceptional for circulation, energy, brain function and flexibility of ligaments, nerves and tendons.

2 parts- Oatstraw is high in minerals and vitamins particularly calcium good for muscle and joint strength.

1 part- Hawthorne Berries strengthen the heart muscles and increase circulation throughout the system.

1 part -Horsetail herb is high in silica which builds collagen and connective tissues helping the flexibility and growth of joints, ligaments, bones, hair, skin and nails.

Note that if you want a great combination already blended for you, try our Renewal Tea or Outback Tea which have many of these included.

Renewal Tea

Cordial Recipe:

Blend your choice of above dried herbs,

add ¼ again as much of your choice of fresh or dried organic fruit (My favorites are berries, rosehips, and oranges).

Place all in a wide mouthed glass jar. Cover with 3 times as much vodka or brandy. (You can use vegetable glycerin as an alcohol free alternative if desired, but alcohol is the original median for cordials and has the added benefit of going directly into the blood and liver). Cover the jar and store in a dark place at room temperature, shaking daily for 2-4 weeks.

Strain well, squeezing all liquid out of the steeped herbs. Compost the herbs and rebottle the cordial, lightly sweetening with ¼-1/2 cup honey or maple syrup to preferred taste. This will keep well for months. Enjoy!






Travel Healthy with Travelers Spray

7 More Healthy Uses for Travelers Spray

Traveler's Spray     

Traveler’s Spray is a great way to ensure you travel healthy both near and far. But it’s more than just another hand sanitizer. Here’s the specs:

  • Great for use on surfaces, cars, bathrooms, beds, luggage, skin, air, clothes, and pets
  • and anywhere else germs and odors may be.
  • Skin, kid, animal and earth friendly.
  • Filled with natural oils that are proven to kill 99.96% of surface and air-borne bacteria.
  • Wonderful smelling with natural cinnamon, clove, orange and more.
  • no GMOs, 100% organic

So we’ve been using this for a while, the kids taking it to school, on trips, in the bathroom and the cars and we noticed it has some other good uses. We wanted to share them with you and we would love to hear any you have found too!

Bonus uses:

  1. Athletic wear: After a lot of use it seems like odor just stays in some clothes even after they are washed. The essential oils in the Traveler’s Spray kill germs and can help to neutralize the odor of sweaty gear.
  2. Stinky Shoes: That goes for shoes too. Shoes and sandals that are worn without socks can become down right scary in the odor department. Liberally spray the insides with the Traveler’s Spray for added health, protection and odor control!
  3. Wrinkly clothes: While you are traveling or just on the go, you can use the Traveler’s spray to help get the wrinkles and static cling out of clothes: just mist lightly over clothes and smooth down!
  4. Bed Bugs: Spray pillows and sheets in hotel rooms with Traveler’s spray just in case!
  5. Mold: The essential oil blend in Traveler’s Spray helps kill molds naturally.
  6. Deodorant: A great way to beat smells without clogging your pores with aluminum antiperspirants.
  7. Car air freshener: we keep one in the car to spray in the air or on ourselves to freshen up when needed.

If you have any other ways YOU love to use the Traveler’s Spray, we would love to hear it! In fact, we want to hear so much that we will send you a FREE goodie bag of some of our products just for sharing!

Ingredients: pure water, organic aloe vera, organic witch hazel, organic rosemary extract, organic therapeutic grade essential oils of cinnamon, orange, lemon, eucalyptus lemon, clove, rosemary, cedarwood & pine.

5% of the profits from this spray go to help international student travel and natural resource protection.


Mulled Cider and Wine Recipes


Mulling Cider, Wine and the Air!

Spice up the air or mull cider or drinks with this delicious all natural blend of Spices that warm the season and transform our spirits.  


T’s Tonics mulling spices

Mulling Spices               

Use Organic fresh or dried:

1 c. All Spice,

1 c. Cinnamon Chips or 3-4 sticks

1 c. Orange Peel or 5-6 slices of  fresh Orange

1/2 c. Lemon Peel or 5-6 slices of fresh lemon

1/4 c. Cloves,

1/4 c. Ginger Root.

The dried spices mixed together will keep well for many pots of spiced cider or wine. If using fresh ingredients, use immediately. If you don’t want to mix your own, we have organic mulling spices already blended for you, found locally. Available here soon.

There is something so comforting about the aroma of warm spices filling the air. It makes us feel like delicious treats are baking and good things are happening. I have been in love with my kitchen all over again lately because we have been mixing and mulling cinnamon, orange and cloves into chai spice drinks.

I never get tired of those scents. Actually, all of the spices used for mulling are not only warming for the circulation and help ward off colds, they are aphrodisiacs (encourage love feelings). Yay! Great for cold winter days and holiday fun!

Spiced Cider

Simmer 2-3 Tablespoons of the spice blend above in 1 gallon of cider in a large pot on the stove or in a crock pot until warm. Ladle into festive mugs as needed leaving the spices behind. Enjoy!


Mulled Wine Recipemulling-wine

1 bottle of dry red or white wine (a Merlot is good)

2-3 Tbsp. T’s Tonics Organic Mulling Spices

2/3 c sugar

½ c. brandy

Mulled or spiced wine has been a European holiday tradition for thousands of years. It is easy to make and a warming and flavorful way to create holiday cheer.                                                                                       Pour wine into non-aluminum saucepan and simmer on low, add spices, sugar and brandy and steep, stirring occasionally, until hot. Serve into festive mugs as needed leaving spices behind. Enjoy!


8 Herbs for Anxiety

8 Herbs to Help with Anxiety 

Anxiety is becoming a leading problem in America. However, herbs and diet can help us immensely, and it’s towards this effort that I have made this list. There are many contributing factors to this rise. We can look to outside causes for anxiety and there are many: environment, the faster pace of life, expectations, diet, chemicals etc.

We must also look internally if we are honest. Our own racing thoughts and self-judgements may play a big factor. They are also a part that we can choose to control. We have included some affirmations at the end that may help calm this inner chatter.

Some anxiety is serious and needs professional attention. However, for everyday nerves, stress, and anxiety, these herbs can be a good help and starting place. They are not intended as the only solution:

Lemon balm, Excellent for soothing the nerves and “lifting the spirits”, strengthens the digestive system and helps stress related digestive problems.

Lemon peel, helps build immune system, good for circulation, digestion and lifting depression. Note: The smell of citrus and citrus oils is used to lift depression and bad moods.It is especially good in the winter when there is less sunlight.

citrus fruit

lemons uplift

linden flowers, popular in Europe as a calming tea for the stomach and digestion, it is also widely used to ease anxiety and calm the mind. It is used for insomnia and promotes restfulness. Also helps to boost the immune system because it is high in vitamins and anti-oxidants. Good for sore throats and fevers. The linden tree is known as the love tree and is aromatic as an aphrodisiac.

passionflower, one of the best herbs for chronic insomnia, a mild sedative, used to treat pain and imbalances in the nervous system.

Chamomile is good for the digestive and the nervous system. It helps settle the stomach and calm the body. Good for children.

lemon verbena, used to help ease muscle and stomach spasms, mild sedative and stress reducer.

lavender, has a relaxing effect on mind and body. Good for anxiety, nervousness and stress related symptoms, promotes sleep.

St. John’s wort flowers. Used to lift depression as well as menopausal triggered anxiety, has a sedative and pain-reducing effect, helpful for calming muscle spasms and nerve injuries. Used for centuries as help for the mind.

Mellow Yellow Tea

Mellow Yellow Blend

A combination of some or all of these herbs together taken as a tea several times a day as needed or before bedtime has been found to be helpful.

Possible Mental cause of anxiety: Not trusting the flow and the process of life.

Affirmation: “I love and approve of myself and I trust the process of life. I am safe.” *

*affirmations are taken directly out of Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Body. www.LouiseHay.com


Allergies, 10 Herbs to Help

 10 Simple Herbal Allergy Helpers

Herbs can help with allergies. When symptoms flare we want to go for quick results, but allergy symptoms will increase over time unless we reprogram our bodies reaction to the offending allergen.

There are many different causes and reasons for allergies, but most result in the body over-triggering our immune systems. Our bodies go on alert against the offending weed, dust or food and then stay on defense longer and longer, becoming more sensitive with time, as they attempt to ward off the perceived danger.



Different remedies work best for different allergies but there are some common ones that work in general. The area affected as well as time and environment conditions can clue us in to the right cause and remedy.

I have compiled a very simple list of helpful time proven natural remedies to speed relief and build your body’s defenses based on allergy symptoms. These are just a place to start.

Allergy Runny Nose: Onions and garlic, eat lots! (The homeopathic remedy of this is allium cepa if you can’t stand eating onions.) Homeopathic is easy, inexpensive and fast, available in your health store, but has to be very specific. (There are no side effects, but you should start seeing results within a few applications if it is the one you need.)

Skin Conditions: If you have skin problems that are due to allergies, many times taking a natural form of sulfur (MSM) can help immensely. (It also helps with stiff joints)  Studies are showing a lack of sulfur in our soil, especially in dry areas, and also in our bodies.

Burdock and Chaparral are helpful for allergies, excellent for skin issues and cleansers of the blood.  

Silica as an herbal supplement or in tea can help too. Silica is naturally found in horsetail herb (also known as shavegrass). It helps build collegen which helps our connective tissues for stronger hair, nails, bones and skin.

Allergy Sinus Congestion: Nettles, peppermint and gingko, Gingko increases circulation in the brain and has natural antihistamines which makes it a great allergy helper. Nettle strengthens the whole system’s defense against environmental allergies.

Oils for quick, temporary relief: Peppermint oil and/or lavender oil. Make sure it is therapeutic quality to use medicinally. One drop placed in hand and then rubbed gently on nose, temples and/or back of neck. Breathe in deeply to clear the sinuses for a couple hours. These can work as a face steam too. Place 1-2 drop in non-aluminum or plastic bowl, add boiling water and hold head over bowl under a towel until water cools or effects slow.

Tea and Honey: Much publicity has been given to the benefits of local raw honey, and it’s true. I am a walking testament to how well they work for allergies to outside sources, such as hay, grasses, trees and pollens. The bees pick up pollen from all of the irritants in bloom and so the honey they produce helps your body build up resistance to those allergens; very much like a vaccine works. That’s why the more local the honey the better.herbal-teas

Teas made out of the local herbs work the same way; your body is taking in small, diluted amounts and builds a tolerance to those herbs. Take your tea and honey together for a pleasant way to help allergies. Our Outback tea is based on this principle.

Environment: Look around your environment for any conditions or pollutants that may be weakening your immune system even if not directly related to your allergy. Help your body be stronger by getting rid of them, if possible. For example, formaldehyde in carpets, chemical cleaners, dust, mold, weed-killers, sunflowers, etc. can compromise your living area.

Affirmation: “The world is a friendly place. I am at peace with life.”

What works for repelling ticks?

How to repel ticks easily and naturally

I was asked recently what is good for repelling ticks?

I love it when I am asked a question that has an easy answer, and a natural one. Because that’s what we are all about: Natural, easy solutions!

And we need them too. Because we love to go romping through the woods where ticks hang out.

tick and mosquitos

any ticks here?

T’s Tonics Skeater Beater works great at not only repelling mosquitos and other bugs it is great at repelling ticks, too!

The active ingredients that they hate?

Geranium oil, cedarwood oil, and citronella. They aren’t crazy about lemongrass oil either.

Skeeter Beater

  • Proven effective for over 2 hours of protection against mosquitoes and other flying insects. (Effective for as long as DEET products, but has better results)
  • 10 therapeutic grade organic essential oils
  • 25% active ingredients, more than most other products
  • Easy PET free spray bottle
  • Safe for kids, animals and sensitive skin
  • More than a bug protection! Good for your skin and you too.
  • Relieves bites and itches
  • Smells great!
  • Soy Free, chemical free, all organic goodness
  • Won’t harm your clothes, belongings or you.
  • Friendly on the environment too: safe for water systems, oceans and coral reefs
Skeeter Beater bug spray

Skeeter Beater

Skeeter Beater Testimonials

“The Skeeter Beater worked great in Africa! I need two more bottles to share with friends.” -Lashae

“I had a large spider bite and after I sprayed it the swelling and discomfort went right down.” –Tena

“The deet sprays others in our group brought weren’t working. By the end of the trip everyone was using my Skeeter Beater. I didn’t get one bite and I smelled great!” -Jenay B.

Pick up your Skeeter Beater today! You’ll love it! The bugs won’t!

10 Herbs for Spring Energy

10 Herbs for Spring Energy

Spring is all about Energy!

spring energy

spring energy

Yet we naturally feel “sluggish” coming out of the slower time of winter. Our systems need recharged and our blood thinned to be ready for the quickness of spring.

Regardless of the time of year, the one thing I want is to feel energetic and full of life. I especially feel the need for this in the spring. Everything is coming to life again and the juices are stirring, encouraging me to jump and move and create. It seems inspiration is everywhere you look in nature. Baby animals are being born and green is shooting out of the ground. You can feel the added energy in the air. It always inspires me to want to grow too.

Renewal TeaThese 10 herbs  put “Spring” in your step. Let me tell you why:

  • Help recharge and strengthen all of your systems
  • Naturally energize without spiking you adrenals or blood sugar
  • Encourages weight loss by helping dissolve fat and expel mucous.
  • Helps strengthen the kidneys & glands which are weaker in the winter
  • Helps with allergies

The 10 spring helpers are:

Jasmine Green tea has powerful anti-oxidants and tannins shown to strengthen our immune systems, increase metabolism and energy and help fight bacteria.

Eleuthero (formerly known as Siberian ginseng) can help the body respond better to stress.  Good for both male and female hormones and is used to treat many conditions including fatigue, insomnia, lethargy, memory, endurance, and immune system.

Pau D’ Arco is high in calcium, a blood purifier and antifungal, helpful in fighting yeast infections and skin problems.

Red clover is high in minerals and is an excellent blood purifier.

Ginger has been used for digestive disorders, motion sickness, fever and coughing and helps lower cholesterol.

Nettle is a blood purifier high in vitamin C and minerals, strengthens liver and kidney function.  Helpful for allergies.

Olive Leaf is a natural antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal shown to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, help respiratory response and heart and skin health.

Chickweed is high in vitamin C and helps dissolve fat and mucous in the body.  Good for skin problems.

Juniper berries act as a diuretic and disinfectant, strengthen the adrenal glands, blood and kidneys.  Good for diabetes.

Stevia leaf is used to treat digestion, liver and intestines as well as being a natural sweetener.

They can be found in our Renewal Tea which is good anytime but was designed for spring. 

Get started on energizing today!green teas

Note: We always and only use all organic herbs for our teas.

Statements are for educational purpose only.  Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure and diseases.  Created by T’s Tonics. All rights reserved.

Get Your Kids Out of Bed in the Morning

How to get your kids out of bed in the morning

            With the change of the clock we have plunged back into dark mornings. I’ve noticed getting myself and the kids out of bed and around has been even more challenging than usual this week. Then I came across this excerpt in Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine. It’s an easy way to start the day with more energy and can help get us out of bed. Try it on yourself and then show your children. (time- about a minute) Use this during the middle of the day when you have an energy slump or anytime you need an extra boost.

ear tug for energy

ear tug demo

1. Tug around your ears, gently pulling along the lobes. This stimulates acupuncture points, tiny electromagnetic reservoirs on the skin that will open you to the energies of the new day.

2. Stretch your legs and arms with 3 deep breaths.

3. Do the three thumps:

  1. Find the indents under the ends of your collar bones at the neck, then tap on these points for 20 seconds with the fingers of both hands. (these are called the K-27 points, and are juncture points that affect all of your energy pathways. Working them sends a signal to your brain that helps you feel more alert and focused.) You can use this anytime you need to feel more awake.

    thump for energy

    thump under collar bones

  2. Then go down to the middle of your sternum and tap for 20 seconds with all 4 fingers of one hand while breathing deeply. (This is your thymus gland. Think Tarzan banging on his chest and you get the idea. If you are really up for it let out a Tarzan roar too.)
  • Stimulates all of your energies
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Increases your strength and vitality

Adapted from Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

Posture, movement, breath, and the tea you drink make all the difference

Always drink T’s Tonics organic loose leaf teas. You know what you are getting: health.