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Arnica Spray Tincture:

“My wife sprayed it on my back which has been in pain and almost instantly it gave relief. 2 hours of no pain. It was like a miracle.” –Antonio T.

“My arms and hands were going to sleep on me at night. After I sprayed it on the back of my neck, I slept through the night without any numbness.” – Charity H.

“My fingers give me fits sometimes because of overworking and arthritis. The arnica spray is very helpful at reducing swelling and discomfort.” If I use it after working hard, I will not wake up the next day as sore as I am without using it.” – Dennis H.

“It gave relief soon after spraying it on my knee injury.” –Steve

“I use the arnica spray on my inflamed skin dermatitis. T’s Tonics is more potent and works better than other arnicas I have used.” –Marjorie O.

Grab Salve:

When the dermatologist treated skin cancer on my face, the procedure burnt my face bad. I looked like I had been in a fire. I tried several things then was given some Grab Salve (previously named Burn Balm) and that’s what I stuck with because it worked. It healed my face fast. I now use it all the time for anything that bothers.” – Jackie A.

Breathe Better Balm:

Breathe Better is my favorite thing to rub on my throat when I’m stuffed up.” – Catalina S



Arnica Balm Stick:

I fell (off of a high stand) and thought I had broken my shoulder and hip when I landed. I used the balm and I was dancing again in two days. I think it really helped. I’m taken by it.” - Kenny

After going over the handlebars into a pile of rocks, I got up knowing that this would leave a mark. Sure enough, my left hip was throbbing. That night, before bed, I applied the Arnica Balm to the area and worked it in good. The next morning, I couldn’t even tell I had wiped out. It’s good.” - Jason

Skeeter Beater:

“The Skeeter Beater worked great in Africa! I need two more bottles to share with friends.” -Lashae

“I had a large spider bite and after I sprayed it the swelling and discomfort went right down.” –Tena

“The deet sprays others in our group brought weren’t working. By the end of the trip everyone was using my Skeeter Beater. I didn’t get one bite and I smelled great!” -Jenay B.

Sun & Skin Soother:

“I used the Sun & Skin Soother after getting a bad sunburn and was amazed I never even peeled. Now I use it everyday because it’s light on my face and feels good on dry skin.” - Jason S.

“I used it out all day waterskiing. I got sun but didn’t burn. Everyone else on the boat did.” – Carolee P.

“This spray seems to help my age spots. I haven’t found anything that makes my skin feel better!”- Verna H.”

“We use it all year long because it is the best on the face.” –Catalina S.


  1. I have minimal to no disk in my lower back often it hurt and goes out that put me in bed for at least a week . It was on the verge of going out and inflamed, I was going to take some Tylenol and a muscle relaxer. I remembered I had the pain in the joint relief tea.In about 15 ,20 min the pain was gone and I no longer needed the pills.I tell everyone about this tea and swear by it not to mention it is delicious.

  2. Shannon,
    Thank you so much for your comment/testimonial on our site! I appreciate your feedback and am so glad the Pain Tea is helping!

  3. My niece gave me a bag of Earl Grey Lavender tea. I offered it at our monthly tea party, and the ladies drank every bit I had and asked for more. Perfect with china cups! Please send more. Thank you!

  4. I have Lyme Disease and the co-infection of Babesosis. I have been very sick for 2 years. I came across T’s Tonics Pain in The Joint and Tummy Tea. At the time I had chronic GI issues, nauseous every day, chronic diarrhea and pain daily. The only thing that would give me relief was Tummy Tea. It SAVED me every day and I started getting more relief and then completely healed my GI system in a short period of time (compared to how long it took me to get worse and worse). Again, I was very ill so that was a fast recovery; I could finally eat without pain afterwards and then no pain at all… :)
    The pain in my joints was migratory and shooting all over my body. It would keep me from sleeping at night. Then I found the pain in the joint tea and it also SAVED me many many many times. I’ve had so much pain in my body and it made my headaches lessen and give my body some relief and enough of a break to doing things, not just be in my home or in bed. It gave me some sharper memory too and made me feel cleaer minded. Every time I use it, my body actually feels GOOD now, before it was relief now that I’m better it makes me feel amazing all over and energized. I am mostly healed from my disease now and so feeling good in my body was foreign and amazing. I still drink it because it makes me feel so good in my body.
    These teas opened my mind about herbs that can help me and others feel good, so simple and natural that could heal me other than prescriptions that side effects made me worse and the semi relief couldn’t last or work well enough. These teas were my opening to the natural herbal world and it changed my life because it relieved me of my pain so instantly and progressively.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Natalie, Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! I am so glad the Pain in the Joint tea is helping. It is awesome that you are so proactive with your health despite the challenges! Here’s to continued healing and amazing health to you! Thank you again! Teresa

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