Flexibility & Strength Cordial Recipe

flexibility and strength

flexibility and strength

Flexibility & Strength Recipe

Flexibility and strength are 2 characteristics that take consistant work to gain and keep as we get older. And they are important building blocks to great health because they help keep movement flowing in our lives.

Here’s 11 of my favorite herbs for increasing strength, flexibility, stamina, circulation, cleansing the blood and recharging energy!

You can choose some or all of them for this recipe.

Infuse the herbs into a tea or follow the recipe below for a cordial/elixir. It is yummy and satisfying anytime of year but I like it particularly in winter and spring when I feel the need for extra help with flexibility and energy.

I have given the use and purpose of each herb to help you pick and choose as well as the parts to whole that you would use of each.


2 parts -Siberian ginseng can help the body respond better to stress. Good for both male and female hormones and is used to treat many conditions including fatigue, insomnia, lethargy, memory, endurance, and immune system.

2 parts- Pau D’ Arco is high in calcium, a blood purifier and antifungal, helpful in fighting yeast infections and skin problems.

2 parts- Red clover is high in minerals and is an excellent blood purifier.

3 parts- Nettle is a blood purifier high in vitamin C and minerals, strengthens liver and kidney function. Helpful for allergies.

3 parts- Olive Leaf is a natural antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal shown to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, help respiratory response and heart and skin health.

1 part- Chickweed is high in vitamin C and helps dissolve fat and mucous in the body. Good for skin problems.

¼ part- Juniper berries act as a diuretic and disinfectant, strengthen the adrenal glands, blood and kidneys. Good for diabetes.

1 part- Gingko Biloba is exceptional for circulation, energy, brain function and flexibility of ligaments, nerves and tendons.

2 parts- Oatstraw is high in minerals and vitamins particularly calcium good for muscle and joint strength.

1 part- Hawthorne Berries strengthen the heart muscles and increase circulation throughout the system.

1 part -Horsetail herb is high in silica which builds collagen and connective tissues helping the flexibility and growth of joints, ligaments, bones, hair, skin and nails.

Note that if you want a great combination already blended for you, try our Renewal Tea or Outback Tea which have many of these included.

Renewal Tea

Cordial Recipe:

Blend your choice of above dried herbs,

add ¼ again as much of your choice of fresh or dried organic fruit (My favorites are berries, rosehips, and oranges).

Place all in a wide mouthed glass jar. Cover with 3 times as much vodka or brandy. (You can use vegetable glycerin as an alcohol free alternative if desired, but alcohol is the original median for cordials and has the added benefit of going directly into the blood and liver). Cover the jar and store in a dark place at room temperature, shaking daily for 2-4 weeks.

Strain well, squeezing all liquid out of the steeped herbs. Compost the herbs and rebottle the cordial, lightly sweetening with ¼-1/2 cup honey or maple syrup to preferred taste. This will keep well for months. Enjoy!






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