How arnica helps pimples shrink and other uses

How arnica helps pimples shrink!2012-06-16_15-48-59_91

We have found many more uses for arnica spray than just to relieve aches and pains, (although we are always amazed at how fast it does that.)

We use our arnica spray to quickly lessen pimple bumps! It takes the inflamed skin down within 10-15 minutes, lessens visibility and speeds the healing of skin eruptions.

We love how fast it does this because a big pimple always seems to appear right before an important evening out!

Arnica spray is fast at disappearing the blemish; just spray directly on site, then follow with your cover up, if you wish. Note: Do not use on broken skin or open sores.

Arnica can help eczema, skin irritations, and shingles!

We have an elder in our life that daily uses the arnica spray to help relieve the pain and inflammation of a strange skin condition. I also know a few having challenges with eczema, shingles and tricky skin issues that the medical community doesn’t have many good solutions for.

If it causes inflammation, arnica spray can help relieve the swelling and discomfort. It is not a cure, but it is a great aid in helping speed healing, because inflammation is usually a major factor in keeping the body from being able to heal itself.

Arnica saved us from social services.

Arnica usage in our home reached a whole new level when our third child, Arianna, reached the age of two. For some reason she started running into walls; on purpose! She was always getting bumps and bruises and we were concerned that she would have a permanent knot on her forehead, she hit it so often. We were sure someone would start to wonder if we were abusing our child!ari climbing rock

That same child started gymnastics and finally had a channel for her energy and daring. The wall banging stopped but the sore muscles and injuries increased.

Around that time, my sister-in-law mentioned seeing arnica growing in the hills. Bells went off in my head. I was experimenting a lot with combining essential oils and herbs, using them to doctor our family. Pain relief was a big factor in them.

It took many attempts at making salves before we found a combination which was pleasing as well as powerful! And then we went to a straight tincture and loved the quickness.20150216_142621

We are still amazed at it and also love the stories of others:

“I it on my dog’s leg when he was limping around and had been listless for days. The next day it was like nothing had happened. He was all better!”- Marjie O.

“I gave it to a woman that gets headaches often and she sprayed it on the back of her neck. Within moments she looked at me and said the pain was gone.” – Greg C.

“I got hit on the forehead by a falling metal bar and it quickly started growing into a good sized bump. I sprayed arnica on it right away and several times that day. By the end of the day you couldn’t see that anything had happened; it was gone!” -Jason S.



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