T's Tonics Integrity Juniper

Product Integrity and Our Promise to You:

We hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards of health and integrity, and will never use: parabens, sulfates, GMO or artificial ingredients, glutens, glycols, talc, mineral oil, aluminum or petroleum ingredients, chlorides, etc. If you are interested in why we don't use these ingredients, you can read more here.
The ingredients that we do use are local, wild harvestedorganic and therapeutic whenever possible.

Our mission: To help people enjoy being outside more by creating healthy, easy to use and highly effective personal products for outdoor adventuring and travel. We believe that spending time in nature is important not only for physical health, but also mental health. Most of all, we believe that spending time outside doing what you love, shouldn't require you to coat your skin in toxic chemicals just to make it enjoyable.

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