New Balm Sticks!

Our Balms Roll On

Relieving balms now come in roll-up sticks for easy, finger free application!

We are in love! Our favorite balms just got easier!

And now we are carrying them around and using them more than ever!

Because it’s so fun and simple!

Arnica Balm Stick

Arnica in a stick

Arnica in a stick

  • Potent inflammation, bump and bruise reducer
  • Take the lid off, roll up, and apply. Relief at your fingertips!
  • More potent than ever with White Willow Bark for pain relief
  • Slips into your pocket or purse
  • reach the spots you need without getting sticky fingers
  • stocking stuffer worthy
  • proclaimed “the million dollar treatment”
  • long lasting, soaks in deeper & deeper for long relief
  • Easy for athletes to take in their bags


Breathe Better Balm

Breathing Better made easy

Breathing Better made easy

  • Infused with 5 herbs and 7 therapeutic oils for decongesting support.
  • Great for noses, glands, & chest
  • easy to take along with you
  • no bad smells
  • Organic coconut oil & pure bees wax to ease dryness pleasantly
  • same amount, same price, better ease, more potency
  • What’s not to Love?




“These are better than ever!” – Catalina K

“Glad you thought of this. I love the containers and we love the arnica.” – Steve H

Thanks to all for your support and feedback so we can keep bringing you what you need.

They are available online here, arnica balmbreathe better



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