Things That Give Back More Than Required

What Gives More than Required?



There are some things in life that naturally give back more than you put into them. I was thinking about some of those things the other day while feeding the chickens. You can probably add to this list yourself:

  • Chickens – they don’t require much yet eat your table scraps, give an egg nearly every day, and make excellent manure.
  • Regular exercise– pays dividends far greater than just staying in shape; the mental, emotional and inspirational pluses are great too. My running consistency over the last 10 years has had a ripple effect beyond the personal need that started it. It has helped inspire my kids, friends and husband far more than I realized.
  • Praying – The hope, faith, confidence, and spiritual strength can’t be measured here.
  • Laughing – Not only physically and chemically boost all systems but is contagious too!
  • Hugging – Doesn’t require much effort for the rewards of good feelings.
  • Plugging for other people – Sharing what you like about someone or someone’s business/product can have big ripple effects in many directions.
  • Being in nature – refreshing in every way!2013-10-20_17-02-59_315

So I was realizing it is important to me to have things in my life that contribute a lot. I like products that benefit in more than just one way. I like things to be multi-purpose.

And I realized T’s Tonics has that. All of our products benefit health in several ways and can be used for different situations. It is important to us that they give a lot more than required!

Here’s a few:

Sun & Skin Soother– Protects from sun damage, repairs skin tissues, moisturizes everyday, heals burns, good on diaper rash, keeps bugs away, good for rashes, break outs and sensitive skin.

Traveler’s Spray – I listed alternative uses for this here. Multi-purpose companion for travels near and far.

Grab Salve – loved by climbers, this is also used by moms on babies butts, on lips (not at the same time), on burns and post- surgery injuries, helps prevent scarring, on rashes and skin issues. It is a multi–purpose healing aid.

Sore Muscle Soother – Decreases inflammation, aches and pains, also helps circulation, is warming, increases feeling in numb feet and ankles, in runner’s fingers, helps prevent bruising, speeds healing of injuries.

Hair Tea – Used to condition, strengthen and encourage hair growth, increase shine and manageability, but also is naturally uplifting to the emotions and can be a refreshing spray for the face.

We want our company to be that way too. Our company supports the world it believes in:

  • We give back to Ocean Conservancy because having clean, safe water is important to us.
  • We also support student travel organizations to third world countries and outdoor programs because gaining a bigger vision of the world’s needs is important for the future.
  • We seek to partner with organizations doing good for the underprivileged.

Share with us in making the world a healthier & safer place to live, travel and play.


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