Our journey creating natural skincare products

A little about us...

T’s Tonics was created because we kept running out of our Sun & Skin Soother while sharing it with others!

Raised with home-remedy herbs and alternative doctoring, (I’m a 3rd generation herbalist), it was natural when we settled in Central Oregon to grow a big garden of herbs and doctor our family and neighbors with tonics and teas out of it. Health information and tea blends were what we brought when we went visiting, like it or not. As my education of herbs and pure plant essential oils increased, so too did the creative concoctions I began infusing in the kitchen!

When our natural sun block and sore muscle salve kept running out because of requests from friends and family, my husband insisted it was time to learn about labeling along with other fun marketing details and share the goods with others. Our 15 year old son, Conner, took pity on his mother and helped create labels, a brochure and even a blog. The girls jumped in to help at Saturday markets. The public reception was amazing! See what a little family arm-twisting starts! Our facility is now producing over 20 natural skin and health solutions.

Along the way, healing has occurred, friends have been made, testimonials have been shared, growing is happening, the journey is worth it!