What’s your dream?

What’s your dream?

I just read an inspiring book worth sharing; it’s called the Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly.

It’s a quick read about corporate America but applies to everyone in the way that it states that everyone has dreams and it is our dreams that motivate us, more than money. Great leaders recognize this and encourage their people to work towards their dreams.

It’s a great time to dream. And it’s an important question when we are looking at renewing ourselves this month. Renewing our purpose and our goals and looking at what we want out of life, starts with our dreams.

Helping the people we have relationships with to pursue their dreams, brings out the best in all of us; our kids, spouses, relatives, friends, and co-workers.

So I want to challenge you to look at your dreams.

I have been writing down and creating plans to accomplish some of mine. A few of those that are happening this year are:

• A family scuba trip on Blackbeard’s dive boat in February now that all 3 kids have gotten certified. One of my dreams is to swim with dolphins. If that doesn’t happen, the sharks will have to do. We have dreamed of diving with all of the kids since they were born!

• I have also signed up to run a half marathon in May. Do I like running? Not really, so this is a stretch for me. One way to make things happen is to sign up and pay good money so you have to do them, right?

  • Help people be healthier and feel more alive this year! I have purposed to be consistant with educating through this blog, newsletter, classes, and more to weekly give tips and techniques for greater health.

What are your top 10 dreams?

Which one/s are you going to pursue and make a reality this year? I would love to hear from you and what yours are.

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