What’s the Perfect Cup for Tea?

The Perfect Cup For Tea 

If you like to drink your tea in BIG cups, you’re our kind of people.

No delicate little cups for me.

A nice sized pottery mug full of steaming tea in your hands has a warm, heavy, real feel to it. I always run my hands over it, feeling all the textures of the clay.tea cups

Why I think Big pottery mugs make the perfect tea cups:

I haven’t found a to-go cup that equals it. Metal, plastic, or paper against the lips just doesn’t taste as good.

China cups are for tea parties, they have their place and time. They are fun for practicing lady-like sipping with upturned pinky finger and crossed knees.

And I serve coffee and cider in small everyday cups.

But when I am steeping some good tea, I go BIG.

For one thing, a tea infuser of loose leaf tea can nicely infuse a BIG cup with tasty flavor several times over.

A BIG mug doesn’t have to be re-filled as fast. And yet it holds heat well, while being carried around doing various tasks.

Some of our favorites:

If the handle is comfortable and the mug is easy to palm, it is used daily.

I also like ones with a variety of color.

Some sentimentality goes far too; if the cup has a story, was a gift or was made by a favorite potter, it warms the heart as well as the hands.

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